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Alfre Woodward as the character Paris in Season 2 of Apple TV+'s 'See'

Paris, as seen in Season 2.

Alfre Woodard (born November 8, 1952) portrays Paris in SEE. Early in the show's development on July 25th, 2018, Apple announced the then-65 year old actress had joined the cast and would receive second billing after Jason Momoa, first reported by Entertainment Weekly.[1]


Everybody had to come up with a way of appearing blind. I must say, I was disappointed when they CGI-d our pupils, because everybody… like, you'd look around with 50 people, and everybody had a different way, because everybody's blindness is different.

Alfre Woodard, who portrays Paris, Interview with Digital Spy's Rianne Houghton and Laura Jane Turner[2]


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