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"Arca. Quartermaster. I stand with Baba Voss!"

Arca, "Godflame"

Arca is a supporting character in SEE. He is the quartermaster of the Alkenny tribe. Arca is portrayed by actor Luc Roderique, appearing in the episodes "Godflame," "Fresh Blood," and "The River."

General info

Serving as the quartermaster for the Alkenny tribe, Arca was responsible for the storage and distribution of the tribe's weaponry. Like the majority of the Alkenny, he is called upon to defend the Alkenny Village when it was attacked by Queen Kane's Witchfinder army, who were searching for the heretic Jerlamarel.[1]

Arca and the Alkenny fought the Witchfinder army at the Wall, but were forced to retreat when it was clear that the tribe were outnumbered. With the village surrounded by ravines and sheer drops on all sides, the Alkenny were trapped on the mountain. In an effort to spare the village, the Alkenny voted to try and appease the Witchfinder General by handing over Maghra and her children, who they believed to be witches.[1]

The Alkenny's leader, Baba Voss stood against the decision. Arca supported Baba's decision, standing by his side to defend Maghra and the twins. The division almost turned to bloodshed, until Paris revealed that Jerlamarel had built a bridge they could use to escape the Witchfinder army. The Alkenny escaped the Witchfinder army, fleeing the mountain to a new home.[1]

Arca lived with the Alkenny for the next seventeen years. When it became clear the tribe needed new blood after the malformed birth of Souter and Gether Bax's child, Arca remained in New Alkenny while Baba Voss led some of the tribe to a nearby Holy Festival.[2]

When the Witchfinder Army found New Alkenny thanks to Gether Bax's messages, Arca joined Baba Voss and his family, along with Paris, Bow Lion, and Matal, in escaping by boat. Chased by Tamacti Jun and his Witchfinders, Arca was killed during the chase, stabbed to death by multiple soldiers.[3]