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Baba Voss is a central character who appears in SEE. As the de facto guardian of the sighted twins introduced in the first episode — and a man with extensive history with most other characters — he drives much of the action in the series.

General info

As head of the mountain-dwelling Alkenny Tribe, Baba Voss is a fearless warrior, strong leader, and fierce guardian, whose priority is the safety of his children, his family, and his community. That loyalty is not returned by every member of the tribe, who he joined many years ago under mysterious circumstances.

Baba Voss places the safety of his family, friends, and tribe as a top priority. To keep his tribe safe from the Witchfinders, he goes to great lengths whether that be to fight off enemies that threaten the safety of the tribe, or to move to new locations as he did to New Alkenny.

To keep his twin children, Haniwa and Kofun, safe from Witchfinders, Baba Voss tries to keep their sense of sight a secret. He along with his wife Maghra implore the twins to do the same forever for their own safety.

Baba Voss seeks Paris for advice on a frequent basis, using her wisdom to find a way out of situations that threaten the safety of the tribe. Using Paris' advice to allow the twins to read from the books left by Jerlamarel caused a divide between him and Maghra.

He is a very cautious leader, reluctant to explore and discover if there is any risk to the safety of the tribe. Even when presented with a chance to explore new discoveries at Jerlamarel's House of Enlightenment, Baba Voss votes to stop the journey, in favor of a safe and secure life with his family around him.

Despite the journey still going ahead, this does not stop Baba Voss' devotion to his family and what remains of the Alkenny. While letting Haniwa and Kofun enter the House of Enlightenment, Baba Voss vows to stay close by in case he is needed, as any good father in his eyes should.

Once Paris has one of her premonitions about the twins at night, true to his word, Baba Voss rescues his son at the House of Enlightenment. He then faces Jerlamarel in single combat. While Jerlamarel may have the advantage of sight and possession of a gun, his other senses are weak. Once Kofun shuts down the power generator, casting the whole compound in darkness, Baba Voss is able to exploit Jerlamarel's weakness and swiftly defeat him.