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"Belu. Kill Dancer. I say, Baba Voss stands aside!"

Belu, "Godflame"

Belu is a minor character who appears in SEE. She is a Kill Dancer and member of the Alkenny tribe. Belu is portrayed by actress Mainei Kinimaka, and she appeared in the episode "Godflame."

General info

One of the Alkenny's Kill Dancers, Belu is an extremely capable warrior. She is called upon to defend the Alkenny Village when it was attacked by Queen Kane's Witchfinder army, who were searching for the heretic Jerlamarel.[1]

Belu fought the Witchfinder army alongside the rest of the Alkenny at the Wall, but the tribe was outnumbered and forced to retreat. With their only way off the mountain blocked by the Witchfinder army, the Alkenny voted to try and appease the Witchfinder General by handing over Maghra and her children, who they believed to be witches.[1]

The Alkenny's leader, Baba Voss stood against the decision, as did several others. Belu sided with the Dreamer, and believed that Baba Voss should stand down and surrender Maghra and the children. The situation almost turned to violence until Paris revealed that Jerlamarel had built a bridge over a ravine, allowing the tribe to escape to a new home.[1]