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"After Jerlamarel continued his journey the Opayol treated Boots like a slave. Forced him to scavenge and steal for them. Once word came that the Witchfinder was campaigning through this area, the Opayol left to seek safety elsewhere. And they abandoned him here to fend for himself."

Boots is a supporting character in SEE. He is a son of Jerlamarel, gifted with the power of sight. Boots is portrayed by Franz Drameh, and first appeared in the Season One episode "The River." He was killed in the season 2 episode Forever by Queen Sibeth Kane.

General info

Boots is the son of Jerlamarel[1] and Delia,[2] a member of the Opayol tribe. Gifted with the power of sight, Boots was left with the Opayol after Jerlameral moved on. The tribe treated him as a slave, forcing him to steal and scavenge for them. When word of Tamacti Jun's hunt for Jerlamarel and witches reached the Opayol, the tribe abandoned the village and left Boots behind.[1]

Alone, Boots came upon the Alkenny group fleeing from Tamacti Jun. As they slept, he stole their weapons and valuables.[3] Haniwa ventured into the Opayol village to recover them, where it was discovered that Boots had a symbol carved in his chest that Jerlamarel had instructed them to follow. Boots was taken back to the main group where he pledged to follow Baba Voss. When they found themselves surrounded by the Witchfinder army, Boots fought alongside the Alkenny.[1]

Boots yearns to be accepted into a family and asks Haniwa if her mother, Maghra, would be able to love him over time.[1]

This, however, seems to cover up his true motives. As a child Boots was bullied by the Opayol tribe and he eventually killed most of its members, allowing him and his mother, Delia, to survive. This seems to play a role in his motive to betray Baba Voss, Haniwa, Kofun, Paris, and Bow Lion by luring them down a pit to a shadowy, underground tribe.[2]


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