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Bow Lion is a fierce ally of Baba Voss who helps advance the Alkenny Tribe's interests. Unlike other warriors, her skills run towards espionage and stealth, which is why she's sometimes known as The Shadow.

General info

Publicly, Bow Lion is the daughter of the Dreamer as well as a young Alkenny warrior and Kill Dancer, who fights alongside Baba Voss. Privately, she also possesses the skills of a Shadow, a mythical stealth spy who has the ability to move silently in secret and is undetectable by smell. Shadowing is an art that is passed from generation to generation, and entrusts the artist with the secrets of others. As a presence that observes, she understands the sacred nature of knowledge, and the importance of keeping what is sacred, protected.

After losing her family to Witchfinder general, Tamacti Jun, she follows Baba Voss, Maghra, Haniwa, Kofun, and Paris — the last remaining members of the Alkenny. Along the way, she forms a closer bond to the family and is indeed willing to put her life on the line so Haniwa and Kofun may try to rebuild the world at The House of Enlightenment.