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"I was the youngest of six and our father was a monster. We all suffered his cruelty and his anger. His lust. We all suffered it knowing that it would likely never end. On the night I turned nine, I'd had enough. I went to him in the night and I stuck a knife through his heart. Then I went back to bed, and I slept soundly."

Cora, "Silk"

Cora is a supporting character in SEE. She is a slave working for Cutter in his silk operation. Cora is portrayed by Jessica Harper, and appears in the episodes "Silk".

General info

Cora is one of the slaves working at Cutter's silk farming operation. Before being a slave, Cora was the youngest of six who was forced to endure their father's anger and lust. At the age of nine, Cora killed her own father.[1]

At the silk farm, Cora begins to befriend the latest slave under Cutter's orders, unaware that she is Queen Kane. Eventually the Queen takes Cora into her confidence as she plans a revolt against Cutter. Cora relays the information to Cutter, allowing him to send a ransom for the queen to Tamacti Jun.[1]


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