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"The child is my fault. Therefore your presence here is my fault as well. Whichever of you is successful in escaping here alive swear to me that you will find the boy, that you will find my son and you will kill him."

Delia, "Silk"

Delia is a supporting character in SEE. She is Jerlamarel's lover and the mother of Boots. Delia is portrayed by Kyra Zagorsky, and appears in the episode "Silk".

General info

Delia was the lover of Jerlamarel when he stayed with the Opayol tribe. After their son, Boots, was born, Jerlamarel left them. Over the years, the Opayol tribe began to sense that Boots was different and treated him as such by abusing him. Eventually, Boots killed the entire Opayol tribe, until it was just himself and Delia left. When it was just them, Boots trapped her underground where she encountered a cave-dwelling tribe. After five years as a prisoner, Delia eventually joined the tribe.[1]

Sometime after, Boots trapped others in the same way that he had trapped Delia. Baba Voss and the survivors of the Alkenny tribe were captured by the tribe. Delia talked to them and once she learned that Boots was responsible for their plight, aided them in escaping as long as one of them promised to kill her son.[1]


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