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Fresh Blood is the third episode of SEE. It debuted on the same night as epsidoes 1 and 2.


Tamacti Jun — charged with capturing Jerlamarel and the twins — returns home to Queen Kane empty-handed. He asks to die, but as the execution is about to commence, Temacti Jun is put back on the hunt.


Tamacti Jun returns to Payan following the conclusion of his twenty-year commission. Having failed to capture Jerlamarel and his children, he asks permission to take his own life rather than face execution. Queen Kane grants his request, but a courier arrives with Gether Bax’s water bottle message at the last moment. Thus, Tamacti Jun is sent out to complete his mission.

Meanwhile, the Alkenny tribe decides to attend the Fall Festival in order to mate with new people after Souter Bax gives birth to a deranged baby. Maghra insists that Kofun and Haniwa stay behind because they will be put to death if their secret ability to see is discovered. However, the teenagers sneak along anyway, and Kofun is captured by slavers. Hawina rushes to her parents for help, and Maghra learns of the group lie—her children have been reading Jerlamarel’s books. Baba Voss reveals that his father was a slaver, and he was too for a time. He rescues Kofun by killing several slaver guards. During the scuffle, Hawina saves Baba Voss’ life using her bow and arrow to kill an attacker.

This marks the beginning of the twins’ divide. Kofun wants to stay with the Alkenny tribe even after all that he has learned, whereas Haniwa wants to leave and explore the world. Once home, the group realizes that Tamacti Jun and his army have discovered their waterfall hideout.




Guest Starring


  • Christian Sloan as Witchfinder Ayura
  • Josh Blacker as Witchfinder Warrior
  • Luc Roderique as Arca
  • Brianna Clark as Sinjay
  • Jefferson Halliday as Courtier
  • Tommy Clarke as Rider
  • Megan Charpentier as Fethin
  • Bola Omodara as Stall Holder #1
  • Jackie Blackmore as Stall Holder #2
  • Nicco Del Rio as Young Man
  • Rocky Anderson as Slayer
  • Kelly Metzger as Woman (Fethin's Mom)
  • Darren Moore as Priest
  • Iris Paluly as Witch #1
  • Wesley Salter as Witch #2
  • Nova Stevens as Witch #3
  • Camille Hollett-French as Witch #4
  • Jarrett Carlington as Witch #5

Interesting details

  • The dangers of genetic inbreeding are depicted in this episode — alongside a practical solution.
  • Maghra discovers that her twins have been reading the books found in the last episode.
  • New Alkenny is discovered by Temacti Jun and his army at the end of the episode.
  • A deep secret about Voss is revealed, possibly changing the village's relationship to them.
  • Slavers are more fully explored in this episode.