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"Forgive me, sir, but I'm Gether Bax. It is me who sent you the message to come here."
"Then it is I who should apologize. A boy who would betray his own tribe to do God's work."

Gether Bax and Tamacti Jun, "Godflame"

Gether Bax is a supporting character in SEE. He is a member of the Alkenny Tribe who held a grudge against Baba Voss and Paris after they condemned his mother to burn after she opposed Baba Voss's election as leader of the tribe. As a result, Gether betrayed the Alkenny to Tamacti Jun and the Witchfinders after Maghra's arrival in the village. Gether is portrayed by Mojean Aria, and appears in the episodes "Godflame", "Message in a Bottle", "Fresh Blood", and "The River".

General info

Gether Bax was a member of the Alkenny who was suspicious of Maghra's arrival in their village. Pregnant, she married the Tribe's leader, Baba Voss. Gether found that she wore a necklace inscribed with the name "Jerlamarel" and knew that this man was sought by Queen Kane's Witchfinders. Sending a message to the Witchfinders, Gether betrayed his tribe and was at their side as they attacked the Alkenny. Gether gave the Witchfinders information on the village defences and that there was no way off the mountain. However, when the Witchfinders discovered an empty village and a bridge leading across the ravine, the Witchfinder general Tamacti Jun insisted on Gether testing it before his own men crossed. Gether managed to get across to where the Alkenny had escaped and pretended that he had merely been left behind in the evacuation. Hiding his role in the attack, Gether joined the Alkenny in establishing a new village.[1]

Despite this, Gether Bax never forgot the enmity that he bore Baba Voss and his family. It was Baba Voss and Paris who had condemned his mother to burn for opposing Baba Voss' leadership of the tribe. Along with his aunt, Souter Bax, Gether hatched a plan to send messages down the river in the hopes of informing the Witchfinders of their location. He was also convinced that Paris was a Witch, and tried employing the Alkenny's Shadow to find out the truth about her.[2]