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Captain Gosset is a supporting character introduced in SEE's second season. Portrayed by Martin Roach, Gosset is commander of the military forces stationed at Pennsa.

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Captain Gosset commands the Payan military forces stationed at Pennsa. When Queen Kane arrived at Pennsa following the destruction of Kanzua, Gosset sought information on who attacked the capital. The Queen promised to reveal the information in due time. Eventually, in a proclamation to the assembled city, Gosset heard Queen Kane state that the Trivantians had attacked Kanzua and she intended to go to war with them.[1]

With the war against Trivantes looming, Gosset assembled a Council of State and presented them to the Queen. Queen Kane wanted a Council of War instead and ordered the preparation of the military for combat. Gosset wanted to shore up defences across the kingdom, but Queen Kane felt that it was unnecessary as their victory over the Trivantians was ordained by God.[2]


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