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Haniwa is one of the two miraculously-sighted twins born to Maghra. She and her brother Kofun are the main targets of Queen Kane's wrath. Both therefore require Baba Voss's protection and help on their journeys through the world of SEE.

General info

Proud, determined, and strong daughter of Maghra, Haniwa grows to be more rebellious than her twin brother Kofun, and more curious about their true origins.

This is shown by her willingness to create weapons, such as her bow and arrow, using knowledge from the books. This goes much against the beliefs of Kofun, who does not think the books should be used for the development of weapons.

While children, their parents realize Haniwa and Kofun have to the ability to see. Raised within the Alkenny Tribe and forced to keep her sight a secret while growing up, Haniwa’s restlessness continuously grows.

Haniwa continues to want to grow as a person and do what she feels is right for the human race. In her efforts, she is willing to add a stranger to what is left of the Alkenny Tribe, Boots - another child of Jerlamarel.

This desire to do whatever she feels is right to reach the goals she sets herself can sometimes place others at risk. This is evidenced when Boots betrays the remaining members of the Alkenny as he lures them into a cave, seemingly leaving them for dead.