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House of Enlightenment (episode) is the eighth episode of SEE, and the final episode of the first season.


The royal sisters have a showdown. The truth about Jerlamarel is revealed. The pilgrims come to understand that their world is much bigger than they once thought.


Tamacti Jun presents Maghra with a choice: convince Queen Kane to abdicate the throne or kill her in order to prevent mutiny.

Of course, Queen Kane refuses to give up her crown and confronts Mahgra. Having their father’s favor wasn’t good enough for her, she also helped Jerlamarel win Queen Kane’s heart — manipulating her to ensure his protection. Maghra retorts that their father was just as indifferent toward her. She had to become an adult in a day and has been shaping Queen Kane’s reality ever since. Unlike her sister, Maghra avoided becoming a monster.

Queen Kane then summons Tamacti Jun in a supposed forfeit. However, she kills him with the help of Cora and Boots. With the upper hand once again, she forces Maghra to align with her in order to save them both from the wrath of Tamacti’s army.

Haniwa and Kofun travel to the House of Enlightenment, and finally meet their father, Jerlamarel. He welcomes them, and introduces them to their brothers and sisters. All are sighted like them. Jerlamarel takes them on a tour of his home, a former prison that he has stocked with books and tools of the ancient world. A rebuilt generator, tended by Oloman, provides power to the settlement. Jerlamarel reveals his plan; to rebuild the world anew and repopulate it with the sighted.

Baba Voss and Paris take Bow Lion to a nearby village for treatment. Unfortunately, the villagers are fearful of Tamacti Jun's Witchfinder army and want no trouble. While they agree to treat Bow Lion's wounds, they demand that Baba Voss and Paris leave. They bid farewell to Bow Lion.

At the House of Enlightenment, Haniwa is more trusting of Jerlamarel, but Kofun is wary. Kofun overhears a conversation between Jerlamarel and Colonel Farks of the Trivantine Empire. The Trivantine's general wants the children of Baba Voss, and Jerlamarel agrees to give up Haniwa to them, but not Kofun. Kofun is knocked out by Oloman and Haniwa is taken by the Trivantines.

In the wilderness, Paris awakens and warns Baba Voss of the danger the twins are in. Jeralmarel orders Kofun's execution. Baba Voss saves him at the last moment, then goes to confront Jerlamarel. They fight, with Jerlamarel having the upper hand due to his sight and a gun. During the fight, Baba Voss learns that it was his brother, Edo Voss, who wanted the twins. Kofun shuts down the power generator, plunging the building into darkness. Now evenly matched, Baba Voss wins out over Jerlamarel and gouges out his eyes.

Reuniting with Paris, Baba Voss and Kofun head to the Trivantine Empire to rescue Haniwa.






  • Damaris Lewis as Sheva
  • Raven Scott as Nonni
  • Christian Darrel Scott as Sammy
  • Jaidyn Triplett as Sheena
  • Amani Avery as Hayeh
  • Ayanna Mathai Miorin as Hoveh
  • Ese Atawo as Oxe
  • Alex Zahara as Colonel Farks
  • Christian Sloan as Witchfinder Ayura
  • Josh Blacker as Witchfinder Warrior