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Jerlamarel is a supporting character in SEE. He is a heretic who preached about the blessings of Sight, and was the biological father of Maghra's twin children Haniwa and Kofun, as well as multiple other children with other women. Jerlamarel is portrayed by Joshua Henry, first appearing in the episode "Message in a Bottle" and is beheaded by Edo Voss in the second season episode "The Compass".

General info


Jerlamarel had no religion, which was both a strength and a weakness. Born a slave and at one time a footman to the royals of Payan, he eventually found himself the favourite among the royal consorts of Sibeth, then head of the House of Kane and Queen of the Payan. After abandoning her service to fulfill his self-perceived destiny as the leader of a new kingdom for the Sighted, he and his progeny were hunted by the royal witchfinders. Jerlamarel is the father of eight children with different women: Kofun, Haniwa, Nonni, Sheva, Sheena, Boots, Oloman, and Sammy.

Season One

Jerlamarel and Queen Kane were once lovers, and she considered him her one true love.[3] He confided in her that he had the power of Sight. When Jerlamarel abandoned her, Queen Kane dispatched her Witchfinders to capture him and return him to her.[2]

Jerlamarel and Maghra arrived at the Alkenny Village in winter when she was three months pregnant. He entrusted Maghra and his children to the care of Paris and the Alkenny. Jerlamarel built a bridge over a ravine, giving the Alkenny a chance to escape from the inevitable arrival of Payan Witchfinders. He told Paris of the bridge's existence, along with instructions on how to reach a hidden valley. When the Witchfinders attacked the Alkenny village, the villagers were able to evacuate over the bridge. Travelling for thirty days and thirty nights, they arrived at the location indicated by Jerlamarel, where he had left livestock and building materials for them to create a new home.[2]

Jerlamarel stayed close to the new location of the new village for a time, ensuring that the valley was clear of bears. While hunting the last of the beasts, he met Baba Voss. Instructing Baba to name the twins Kofun and Haniwa so that he would know them when they came to him, Jerlamarel guided Baba to a hidden cache of books that would give the twins an education as they grew.[3]

Season Two

Jerlamarel is beheaded by Edo Voss in "The Compass", after discovering that he had lost his ability to see at the hands of his brother, Baba Voss.