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This article is about the dam. You may be looking for the village.

The Kanzua Hydroelectric Dam above the village of Kanzua

The Kanzua Hydroelectric Dam was the dam next to the village of the same name.


It served as a Palace for Queen Kane, and the residence for the Lords and Ladies of her Court, where it was customary for older women to choose younger men as mates, since age appearance has no relevance. Once Queen Kane shut off the dam, it led to the destruction of the palace and the village.

It was seat of the Payan Nation, and one of the only places in the world where electricity was still functioning. It had enough electricity functioning to power a record player which was used as an exclusive luxury by Queen Sibeth Kane.


The original structures and buildings of the Kinzua dam have mostly decayed and are on the verge of ruin and collapse . What was once the control center for the power generation apparatuses of Dam the has converted into a "palace" for the Payan royal family, the House of Kane.


The Kanzua Dam is presumably a linguistic drift-induced corruption of the name of the Kinzua dam of Pennsylvania.