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Kofun is one of the two sighted children of Maghra. He and his sister Haniwa are the main targets of Queen Kane's wrath. Both therefore require Baba Voss's protection and help on their journeys through the world of SEE.

General info

Composed, careful yet intelligent son of Maghra, Kofun grows to be more cautious than his twin sister Haniwa. While she uses the books to create weapons such as her bow and arrow, Kofun is more measured in what he uses the knowledge in the books for and does not wish to abuse the knowledge they possess.

While children, their parents realize Kofun and Haniwa have the ability to see. Raised within the Alkenny Tribe and forced to keep his sight a secret while growing up, Kofun’s appreciation for his community runs deep.


See (series)

Season 1


Kofun and Haniwa are born to Maghra at the end of the episode.

House of Englightenment

Kofun and Haniwa meet their half-siblings at the House of Enlightenment.