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"Lady Zee, send word to the land of the Sun Grave. Their charge is no longer to just find Jerlamarel. Their charge is to find his children... and bring them to me."

Lady Zee is a minor character in SEE. She is a member of the Payan ruling council who serves at the pleasure of Queen Kane. Lady Zee is portrayed by Alex Bulmer, and appears in the episodes "Godflame" and "Message in a Bottle".

General info

Lady Zee was a member of the Payan ruling council. She attended a convention of the council where Queen Kane relayed Tamacti Jun's failure to capture Witches thought to be hiding among the Alkenny. Lady Zee was ordered by the Queen to send word to the Sun Grave that her Witchfinders would scour the kingdom in search of not only Jerlamarel, but his children as well.[2]

Zee was part of a conspiracy with Lord Carne to return Tamacti Jun and his Witchfinders to Paya as they felt that the Queen's obsession with Jerlamarel was impacting her rule. With the engines of the Kanzua Hydroelectric Dam failing, water was breaking through the dam wall with increasing frequency. Zee and Carne feared that they needed the army at Kanzua to deal with the unrest of the people. After forging a message from Tamacti Jun asking to be recalled, they passed it to Lord Sak to deliver. The Queen learned of the treachery as she and Tamacti had a secret code tied into their knots that was not replicated. The Queen killed Lord Sak after he gave her the names of Zee Carne and his co-conspirators. Arrested for treason, Zee tried to make the other assembled Payans see that the Queen was failing in her duties to protect the people. Lady Zee and Lord Carne were executed by electrocution, condemned of the crimes of treason and forgery.[1]