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"Majesty, here is what the people of Payan say."
"As you fuck them like prayer mats."
"Plainly, simply, you have chased the witches for a generation. Yet none has been found. You have sacrificed our army, emptied our treasure houses. Still there is no proof of evil power. Just a man you once loved who ran away from you. They say we are a nation governed by a broken heart."

Lord Dune to Queen Kane, "The River"

Lord Dune is a supporting character in SEE. He is a member of the ruling council of Payan, serving Queen Kane. Lord Dune is portrayed by Peter Bryant, and appears in the episodes "Godflame," "Message in a Bottle," "Fresh Blood," and "The River."

General info

One of Queen Kane's principal advisors, Lord Dune was a member of the ruling council of Payan. As the Queen's obsession with finding Jerlamarel grew, Lord Dune advised his liege to abandon the search and focus on matters at home. Talk of discontent among the population and fears about the power generation of the dam worried Dune, and he advised bringing their soldiers home. Queen Kane refused and continued the search.[2]

After Queen Kane discovered that Lady Zee and Lord Carne forged a message from her Witchfinder General, Tamacti Jun, she presided over their public trial and execution. Lord Dune was in attendance, alongside Lord Unoa.[3]

Seventeen years later, as Tamacti Jun finally returned to Kanzua after collecting tribute from across Payan, Lord Dune announced to Queen Kane that the people were rejoicing at his return.[4]

As the Queen's obsession with capturing Jerlamarel's Witch children became her sole focus, Lord Dune conspired with Lady An and Lord Unoa to remove her from power in such a way that they cannot be blamed.[1]

Unaware that Queen Kane's lady in waiting, Nyrie, had discovered their plot, Lord Dune was present at a celebration thrown by Lady An to unveil a new songbird especially for her. In truth, they intended to poison her with a spider. Aware of the plot, Queen Kane had Nyrie kill Lord Dune while she personally dealt with Lady An.[1]