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"Tamacti Jun is never humble, he's not a servant, and by secret agreement between Tamacti and I, he always ties a heart every tenth to avoid forgery, and this, my Holy Lord Sak, is a forgery."

Queen Kane, Message in a Bottle

Lord Sak is a minor character in SEE. He is part of Queen Kane's ruling Payan council. Lord Sak is portrayed by Adrian Hough, and appears in the episodes "Godflame" and "Message in a Bottle."

General info

Lord Sak is a member of the Payan ruling elite, serving in council under the rule of Queen Kane. He is part of the council called to learn that Jerlamarel has fathered children among the Alkenny who may have inherited his gift of sight.[2]

Sometime later, Lord Sak delivers a message to Queen Kane, purportedly from her Witchfinder General and Royal Tax Collector, Tamacti Jun. One half of the message was genuine, with the second half a forgery created by Lady Zee and Lord Carne. They were part of a conspiracy trying to have Queen Kane recall Jun and his army to Kanzua to deal with rising discontent among their own people.[1]

However, Queen Kane found out that the message was a forgery since she and Jun had a secret agreement. On all of his messages, Jun would tie a heart every tenth to prove its authenticity. When Queen Kane discovered the conspiracy, she got the names of the co-conspirators from Sak before slitting his throat and killing him.[1]