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"Do you believe the evil power of light can be passed into a child?"
"No. I don't believe it can be passed into a child."
"Don't lie to me. I hear it. It wastes so much time. Caution, fear. Fucking be honest!"
"I honestly do not know."

Queen Kane and Lord Unoa, "Godflame"

Lord Unoa is a supporting character in SEE. He is the Royal Physician and member of the Payan ruling council. Unoa is portrayed by Hiro Kanagawa, and appears in the episodes "Godflame," "Message in a Bottle," and "The River."

General info

Lord Unoa is the Royal Physician of Payan. He is a confidant of Queen Kane, who talked to him about the possibility of Jerlamarel passing on his gift of sight to his children.[2]

After learning that Jerlamarel had indeed fathered children among the Alkenny, Queen Kane called her lords together and asked the same question to Lord Unoa publicly. At first, he stated that it was impossible for Jerlamarel to pass his gift to his children, but Queen Kane ordered him to be honest in his assessment. Lord Unoa admitted that he did not know if it was possible.[2]

Lord Unoa later attended the execution of Lord Carne and Lady Zee, standing alongside Lord Dune.[3]

Seventeen years later, Lord Unoa was part of the conspiracy to depose Queen Kane. They feared that her continued obsession with Jerlamarel and his witch children was blinding her to the truth that the holy electricity of Kanzua was failing, and that the people were turning against her.[4]

After Queen Kane learned of the planned coup, and had killed Lord Dune and Lady An, she shut off the dam's turbine engines. The dam began to destroy itself under the water pressure, and Lord Unoa was killed in the dam's destruction.[1]