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Message in a Bottle is the second episode of SEE. It debuted on the 1 November, 2019, alongside episodes 1 and 3. The episode was written by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence. Message in a Bottle sees the full introduction of Kofun and Haniwa, and the first appearance of Jerlamarel.


The Alkenny tribe settle into their new village. Maghra discovers what she thinks are books. Queen Kane ruthlessly consolidates her power in Payan.


As the Alkenny settle into their new village, Baba Voss encounters Jerlamarel during a dangerous fight with a bear in the woods. Jerlamarel gives Baba Voss a key to a box and tells him to open it when the children, Kofun and Haniwa, are 12-years-old. Baba Voss, Maghra, and Paris open the box to find a carved wooden boat and many books. Paris has heard legends that books hold the knowledge of the ancient ones, but she believed that all had been burnt.

Maghra confirms that her children have sight and works to keep their ability hidden from the rest of the tribe. Still vying for revenge, Gether Bax places a message in a water bottle and sends it downstream each day in the hopes that Tamacti Jun’s army will discover it.

In Payan, Queen Kane kills Lord Sak and other courtiers after learning that they lied to her. When Kofun and Haniwa turn 12, Maghra decides to keep the books buried—but Paris gives them to the children anyway and tells them about their birth father. In a letter to his children, Jerlamarel explains that they are chosen and meant to help him rebuild the world. He will be waiting for them when they are strong enough to leave the village. Baba Voss finds out that Paris defied Maghra but agrees to a silent pact. Kofun and Haniwa read and learn as they grow older. Far downstream, a child discovers Gether Bax’s water bottle message and takes it to his mother.



Guest Starring


  • Robert Corness as Old Man (Tipi Village)
  • Christian Sloan as Witchfinder Ayura
  • Josh Blacker as Witchfinder Warrior
  • Adrian Hough as Lord Sak
  • Ellen MacNevin as Lady in Waiting
  • Donovan Tildesley as Lord Carne
  • Alex Bulmer as Lady Zee
  • Hiro Kanagawa as Lord Unoa
  • Jefferson Halliday as Courtier
  • Lamine Quiqui as Kofun (age 3)
  • Hayven Oladapo as Haniwa (age 3)
  • Dominic Mariche as Kofun (age 7)
  • Jordana Blake as Haniwa (age 7)
  • Linda Curial as Alkenny Elder
  • Yvonne Angeles as Alkenny Teacher
  • Nathaniel Adams as Alkenny Kid #1
  • Damien Jansen as Alkenny Kid #2
  • Maya Keefe as Alkenny Child #3
  • Winston Cabagnot as Alkenny Child #4
  • Margot Wehrle as River Child

Interesting details

  • Gether Bax' method of sending messages downstream in bottles furthers his desire to seek revenge against Paris and Baba Voss. It potentially gives the Witchfinders a path to discover the otherwise hidden New Alkenny. Still, it's an extremely slow method of delivery; Gether's message is found 17 years after the main events of this episode.
  • The Holy Festival is a ritual even held every ten years.
  • The Court of the Holy Cascade is the ruling council of Payan, but are under Queen Kane.
  • Paris reveals the twins' true parentage to them. Baba Voss also finds out, but the children's mother, Maghra, is kept in the dark.