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"Look, I get it, Kofun. It wasn't any easier for me when I first got here. But what you don't realize is that even though you can see, you've been living out there in the darkness your whole life. Just give it some time. Jerlamarel may not have raised us, but he made us with purpose."

Oloman is a supporting character in SEE. He is one of Jerlamarel's sighted children. Oloman is portrayed by Dayo Okeniyi, and appears in the episode House of Enlightenment.

General info

Oloman is one of Jerlamarel's sighted children, gathered by his father with his brothers and sisters at the House of Enlightenment. He was not raised by Jerlamarel, but believes wholeheartedly in his father's mission to return sight to the world. Oloman has two sighted children, Hayeh and Hoveh.[1]

Oloman acts as Jerlamarel's right hand man, and is responsible for keeping the House of Enlightenment's power generator running. Oloman's contribution to the generator was installing a pressure relief valve.[1]


Season 1

House of Enlightenment

Oloman was seen in the House of Enlightenment when Jerlamarel's kin gathered.