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"The Witchfinders murdered your people. We grieve for them. Here, too, the Valeyas have known the pain of their souls. But my people worry that you may lead Tamacti Jun back to us."

Oxe is a supporting character in SEE. She is the leader of the Valeya tribe. Oxe is portrayed by Ese Atawo, and appears in the episode "House of Enlightenment".

General info

Oxe is the leader of the Valeya tribe, and led them through a confrontation with Tamacti Jun and his Witchfinders that left some of the tribe dead. When Baba Voss and Paris seek help for the injured Bow Lion, Oxe reluctantly agrees. However, Oxe agrees on the condition that Baba Voss and Paris leave, and make tracks away from the village.[1]