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Paris is a woman of many talents and one of the elders of the Alkenny Tribe. She has an especially strong relationship with Baba Voss, whom she effectively mentors.

General info

As an elder, advisor, and midwife, Paris ranks high within the Alkenny’s hierarchy. Her innate wisdom guides Baba Voss, especially in times of crisis; while dissenters mistrust her knowledge as evidence of witchcraft.

Maghra grows dubious of Paris, after Paris' beliefs in Jerlamarel and what the sense of sight for him, Haniwa, and Kofun can bring. While Maghra believes in the protection of her children, Paris understands the importance that they learn as much as they can and try to create a prosperous future for citizens of the world.

Paris is able to convince Baba Voss of the need for his children to explore and learn, and he reluctantly keeps their knowledge gained from the books a secret.

A presage with the ability to sense coming emotions and intentions, she talks to birds and hears the future in her sleep. A trusted confidant, she is considered family by Baba Voss.