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The Kingdom of Payan is the supreme power and governing society within the area and what so far has been shown of the post apocalyptic world.



The Payan Kingdom is a de facto absolute monarchy with a queen, a bloodline, and a dynasty. There is a written constitution and laws, in theory, the queen's power is kept in check by the parliament and its courtiers.


The state religion of Payan is a theocracy, with Queen Kane claiming to derive her power from God. She claims she controls the power of the river, this is a true if misleading and incomplete assertion , secularly she does control the Kanzua Hydroelectric Dam, which does indeed encircle and direct the river, Queen Sibeth Kane parleys this into spiritual reinforcement of her political status and says that she is a conduit of God — a hero and villain at the same time. It until recently religiously demonized the sighted as witches. Electricity is revered as sacred, with the machines constitute and control the dam are worshiped as lesser gods in the pantheon headed by the queen.


Payan society is largely feudal in nature, with various subservient tribes paying taxes to the monarchy in Kanzua, the Payan Capital. The "palace" of the dam and surrounding village form the seat of government of the ruling family.


The military, reflecting the theocratic direction of society, are the Witchfinders, who hold the secondary function of hunting down heretics who spread ideas contrary to the official religion and sighted "witches". It was led by the Witchfinder General.

Infrastructure and Technology

They have some level of light industry, at least, with a silk manufacturing operation near the capital catering to the highborn royalty and nobility. Also as mentioned, the Kanzua Hydroelectic Dam is one of the only places in the world where electricity and accompanying technology and devices were still functioning. the Dam itself had enough power generation, transmission and distribution equipment functioning to power a record player which was used as an exclusive luxury by Queen Sibeth Kane. Beyond this the technology level is largely Iron Age as is the case the other societies adjacent to Payan.