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Plastic is the fifth episode of SEE.


Searching for Maghra's lost pouch, the pilgrims stumble across an Opayol village and a boy named Boots. Once the pouch is found, Maghra is able to reveal her true identity.


Baba Voss, Haniwa, and Kofun come across an Opayol village built from plastic refuse and realize that whoever took Maghra’s pouch must be inside.

Haniwa convinces Baba Voss and Kofun to let her sneak in alone. She retrieves the pouch from a pile of stolen items in the central square, but the Creature spots her and takes chase. Was he looking at her? Shortly later, the Creature approaches Baba Voss and Kofun while carrying Baba Voss’s axe and a barely breathing Haniwa. He tells them to take Haniwa and leave just as Kofun realizes that the Creature can see.

Baba Voss wants his axe back and thus starts a fight with his first sighted opponent. Kofun jumps in to help and removes the Creature’s hood to reveal a boy similar in age. Haniwa wakes and halts the fighting by pointing out a tattoo of an eye with an arrow on his shoulder. The boy is named Boots, and Jerlamarel is his father too. Baba Voss, Haniwa, and Kofun return to camp with Boots.

Haniwa explains that Jerlamarel lived in the Opayol village for a year after leaving Maghra. The Opayol treated Boots as a slave, and now he must journey with them as family. This suggestion makes the rest of the group uncomfortable, but they agree. Maghra shows the pouch’s contents to Baba Voss — a bracelet and rings that were a gift from her father (but we don’t see this just yet).

Before our pilgrims can depart, Tamacti Jun and his army arrive. With capture imminent, Maghra puts on her father’s rings and reveals herself to Tamacti Jun, who instantly recognizes her as Queen Kane’s sister. He and his soldiers fall to their knees in homage to a princess back from the dead. Meanwhile, Queen Kane is captured by two female shadow warriors and forced to make silk in a slave camp — the very place from which she once purchased her own silk gowns.




Guest Starring


  • Hiro Kanagawa as Lord Unoa
  • Christian Sloan as Witchfinder Ayura
  • Josh Blacker as Witchfinder Warrior
  • Cassandra Naud as Shadow Warrior #1
  • Shalyn Ferdinand as Shadow Warrior #2