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Queen Kane is a main character in SEE. She is frequently opposed to the Alkenny Tribe's interests.

General info

Divine Ruler and absolute monarch of the Payan Kingdom, and member of the House of Kane, aloof and beautiful Queen Kane is the ruthless spiritual, military, and political head of the last remaining society that still has electrical power. Her Palace was the still functioning Kanzua Dam, the electricity of which was part of the religion of her rule.

As the apparent God-given ruler of every tribe in her region, Queen Kane exercises her power ruthlessly in order to assert her position. She murders anyone who spreads heresy about the sense of sight, classifying them as witches or heretics. As such, one man called Jerlamarel is her latest target. She sends Witchfinder General Tamacti Jun and his army on a twenty-year commission to hunt down Jerlamarel and his children who are born with sight.

Fearing that her power is weakening amongst her courtiers, Queen Kane kills the entire Parliament before shutting off the power of the dam, ultimately leading to the destruction of the Payan village. The Queen explains to Tamacti that she needed to do that in order to re-establish her hold over the kingdom. The Kanzua Dam is what kept her family in power all those years, and she doesn't want to feel important only because a dam is working. She wants to be the Queen because it is her right.