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Silk is the sixth episode of SEE.


Familial tensions hit the boiling point as Boots claim that Maghra has died sets the pilgrims against each other. Queen Kane tries to adapt to her new life of servitude.


Boots shocks our pilgrims by asserting that Maghra is dead. He witnessed Tamacti Jun pull his sword and cut her down. No one wants to believe him, but Haniwa finds Maghra’s bag covered in mud and blood — an apparent confirmation. Boots offers a place to hide and leads the group to a cave opening, where he suddenly locks them in a cage. As the cage descends into darkness, shadowy figures knock the pilgrims unconscious with an anesthetic. They come to in a holding chamber as tensions brew, especially between Haniwa and Kofun. Consumed by grief, even Baba Voss can’t help but blame Haniwa for convincing them to trust Boots.

A shadowy woman named Delia explains that they have entered an underground tribe. Boots is her son, and his father is Jerlamarel. They were members of the Opayol tribe, and its members bullied Boots when they learned he could see. He eventually killed them all in an act of revenge. In an effort to clear her conscience, Delia helps our pilgrims escape and is killed in the process.

Meanwhile, Queen Kane struggles to adjust to life on the silk farm and is brutally beaten for idling. She confides in a fellow slave named Cora and reveals her royal identity in the hopes of leading a rebellion. Her plan backfires when Cutter takes her Payan Royal Amulet. In Tamacti Jun’s tent, Maghra reveals her secret history in exchange for the safety of her family.

As her father — the King of Payan — was dying, he whispered in Maghra’s ear: “You must rule, soon.” This was a clear snub to his eldest daughter Princess Sibeth (aka Queen Kane). Maghra rallied support to remove her sister from the throne, but her efforts failed without Tamacti Jun’s blessing. She had no join but to run. Queen Kane lied about her death.

Suddenly, Boots arrives tells Maghra that he is the only one who can help her because he can see. With family in jeopardy in two directions, she makes a deal with the devil as the Royal Amulet and a message demanding ransom in exchange for Queen Kane are in play.




Guest Starring


  • Josh Blacker as Witchfinder Warrior
  • Patricia Drake as Overseer
  • Gardiner Millar as King
  • Ava Sleeth as Young Manghra
  • Cassandra Naud as Shadow Warrior #1
  • Shalyn Ferdinand as Shadow Warrior #2