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"Baba Voss, you must come. They have voted without you."

Sinjay, "Godflame"

Sinjay is a minor character who appears in SEE. She is a member of the Alkenny Tribe who assists Paris in helping Maghra to give birth. She is portrayed by Brianna Clark, and appears in the episodes "Godflame" and "Fresh Blood".

General info

A young woman in the Alkenny tribe, Sinjay assisted Paris in helping Maghra give birth to her twins. While the rest of the village fought the Witchfinder army, Sinjay helped Paris to deliver the twins and care for Maghra.[1]

After the villagers were forced to retreat in the face of superior numbers, the Alkenny voted to try and appease the Witchfinder General by handing over Maghra and her children, who they believed to be witches. Sinjay informed Baba Voss of the tribe's decision, leading to him defying the tribe.[1]

After Paris revealed the existence of bridge across a ravine that could save the tribe, Sinjay and the Alkenny escaped to a new village.[1]