Tamacti Jun

Tamacti Jun is the head of Queen Kane's army, and is most frequently seen carrying out her orders against Maghra's family and the rest of the Alkenny Tribe.

General info

As Royal Tax Collector and Witchfinder General for Queen Kane and the Holy Guardians of the Payan, Tamacti Jun is a brilliant and violent general leading the army tasked with finding those with sight, specifically Jerlamarel and then the children of Jerlamarel, Haniwa and Kofun.

His sworn allegiance is to serve Queen Kane and he loyally follows laws and rituals set out by his ruler. This includes his duty to be commissioned for 20 years to find Jerlamarel and the twins. Wanting to follow Queen Kane's orders as a priority, he is willing to forgo his pledge to end his life on his own terms, in order to continue the pursuit of the twins with sight.

Despite his pledges to Queen Kane, upon finding out that she destroyed Kanzua, his loyalty to his men takes precedent, knowing their friends and families where killed in the destruction of the holy city. With fractured loyalty towards Queen Kane, Tamacti Jun moves for a new Queen in the form of Maghra.

He moves forward by giving Queen Kane two options: abdicate and allow Maghra to rule, or lose her life. Upon the Queen refusing, with the influence of Cora, Boots stabs Tamacti Jun leaving the Witchfinder General for dead.


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