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The Compass is the third episode of SEE’s second season. It aired on September 10, 2021.


Edo's leadership is called into question. Baba and Haniwa meet a secret tribe of warriors known as The Compass.


The Triangle bring Edo Voss before them to answer for the escape of Baba Voss and Tamacti Jun. Edo suspects their escape was aided by a traitor, and tasks Wren with finding out who amongst them betrayed Trivantes.

Jerlamarel continues to adjust to his blindness, but he still has hopes that Oloman can find a way to restore his sight. He reminds his son that their work continues despite his injury, and that the Trivantians can never know that he has been compromised.

Baba Voss, Tamacti Jun and Haniwa find that Paris and Kofun are not at the agreed meeting point. After some investigation, Tamacti realises that they encountered Witchfinders, and Haniwa finds a message from Kofun indicating they are heading to Pennsa.

At Pennsa, Harlan demonstrates his loyalty to Queen Kane by silencing a survivor of Kanzua who believes the Queen was responsible for its destruction, not the Trivantians. After comforting her sister about the loss of her baby, Maghra is convinced by the Queen to marry Lord Harlan in an alliance of convenience to protect Sighted children like Kofun.

In the forest, Baba and his company are attacked by slavers intent on taking Haniwa. The group is rescued by a trio of women, warriors allied with Paris who introduces them as The Compass, a secret order dedicated to protecting those children born with Sight. On the road to Pennsa, Toad's soldiers question the orders to bring Kofun alive to Pennsa since he is a Witch and they all took an oath to destroy them, not escort them.

Maghra and Harlan begin to conspire to stop the Queen's war with Trivantes before it begins. Baba and Haniwa learn of Paris' history with The Compass, and how her actions led to Jerlamarel becoming the man he is. Toad's men try to force the issue about Kofun, while Edo Voss travels to the House of Enlightenment and takes it over, placing his top scientist, Tormada, in charge.






  • Joshua Henry as Jerlamarel
  • David Hewlett as Tormada
  • Adam Morse as Frye
  • Alex Breaux as Dax
  • Tamara Tunie as The Bank
  • Joe Flanigan as The Military
  • James Immekus as The People


  • Luke Humphrey as Kerrigan
  • Dayo Okeniyi as Oloman
  • Oliver Becker as Zechan
  • Atlin Mitchell as Vienna
  • Mitra Suri as Quito
  • Sena Kavanaugh as Witchfinder
  • Glenn Gyorffy as Slaver
  • Noah Lamanna as Scent Chef