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"We continued the parliamentary session that you called. It was pointed out that the Witchfinders don't come unless they believe there are witches."

The Dreamer, "Godflame"

The Dreamer is a supporting character in SEE. She is the Alkenny's priest, governing the spiritual health of the tribe, as well as being the mother of Bow Lion. The Dreamer is portrayed by Tantoo Cardinal, and appears in the episodes "Godflame," "Message in a Bottle," "Fresh Blood," and "The River."

General info

The Dreamer is a member of the Alkenny tribe, and the mother of Bow Lion. When the Witchfinders attack the Alkenny Village in search of Witches, the Dreamer opposed Baba Voss' decision to continue fighting and attempt to appease them by handing over Maghra's children. When Paris reveals the existence of an escape route off the mountain, the Dreamer relents in her opposition and joins the Alkenny in escaping their village.[2]

For seventeen years, the Dreamer watched over the Alkenny. When Souter Bax gave birth to a malformed baby with her nephew, Gether Bax, the Dreamer knew that the Alkenny's isolation had thickened the blood of the tribe and that they needed to attend a festival to bring new blood in. Despite Baba Voss' initial rejection of the idea, the Dreamer told him that for seventeen years that Alkenny had gone without medicine and trade, and now they were weary of it. The Dreamer warned Baba that if he did not allow the Alkenny to leave for the festival, they would probably end up leaving anyway. A contingent of the Alkenny prepared to travel to a nearby festival, and the Dreamer prepared her daughter, Bow Lion, for the trip.[3]