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The Lavender Road was the seventh episode of SEE.


Tamacti Jun comes to the rescue of the two sister, helping them leave the silk farm behind. The pilgrims continue their arduous journey, but come to a three-pronged fork on the Lavender Road where they must decide on one of three paths.


Tamacti Jun tortures the silk farm shadows until he learns Queen Kane’s location. Maghra agrees to join his rescue mission only after he orders a contingent to remain behind in a continued search for her family. She also argues for an alliance with Boots even though he has the ability to see. When they reach the silk farm, Tamacti Jun enters alone and kills several armed guards in an impressive display of violence.

In the scuffle, Queen Kane’s new ally Cora helps her kill Cutter. Tamacti is shocked when he learns of Kanzua’s destruction. How can Queen Kane expect his men to follow her after she killed their families? With Maghra among them once again, he thinks that maybe they should reconsider the Payan leader for the first time.

Meanwhile, Baba Voss, Kofun, Bow Lion, Paris, and Haniwa make their way across former farmlands. Paris implores Haniwa to reconcile with Baba, and she eventually makes an effort — fearing that the gap between her and Baba is widening as the world expands.

Our pilgrims find the Lavender Road, which leads them to a grisly display featuring a dead body suspended from a pole like a scarecrow. This haunting message warns of the new world beyond. Resolving to go on, the pilgrims reach a path with high rocky sides. The road is lined with archers capable of accurately firing on any target they hear despite their lack of sight.

Baba Voss manages to kill one, but Bow Lion is injured by one of their arrows. Haniwa tries to rescue her, causing Kofun to call out her name. Upon learning that two of the group are named Haniwa and Kofun, the lead archer tells them that beyond the path is a bridge to the House of Enlightenment, both only they may pass. Haniwa and Kofun leave the others with Baba Voss's blessing, but privately he resolves to be there for them when they need him.




Guest Starring


  • Christian Sloan as Witchfinder Ayura
  • Josh Blacker as Witchfinder Warrior
  • Kamran Fulleylove as Lt. Jurado
  • Patricia Drake as Overseer
  • Leo Rano as Archer
  • Cassandra Naud as Shadow Warrior #1
  • Shalyn Ferdinand as Shadow Warrior #2