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The Queen's Speech is the seventh episode of SEE’s second season. It aired on October 8, 2021.


Queen Kane's treachery forces Maghra's hand. Kofun gets upsetting news. Haniwa makes a final plea to Wren in a bid for peace.


In Pennsa, Queen Kane prepares for war with Trivantes in the wake of the failed peace summit. Maghra makes her play for the throne, backed by Tamacti Jun and his Witchfinders. Tamacti reveals the truth to the Payan lords and ladies about the destruction of Kanzua. Lord Harlan backs Maghra and Tamacti Jun, and since the Queen's declaration of war transferred authority to the generals, the judgement is execution for the Queen. However, Paris reveals that the Queen is with child which earns her a stay of execution.

A Trivantian Army battalion, led by Edo Voss and Wren, attacks and takes the Payan settlement of Woodvale with zero casualties thanks to Wren's ability to see. With the Trivantians able to move faster than expected, Maghra realises that they will be at Pennsa in five or six days. Tamacti Jun devises a strategy to move their army to the fort at Greenhill Gap and make their stand there. Baba Voss and Maghra argue over their children's insistence on going to war, while Kofun struggles with the realisation that he is the father of the Queen's child. The Payans prepare for war, aware that they are facing a larger, better trained army. Maghra, now Queen, rallies her troops with an honest and inspiring speech as they depart to battle. Paris enlists Toad to help her with a vital task set for her by Baba.

Two assassins sent by Edo invade Pennsa and attempt to kill Maghra. Maghra, sensing their approach, manages to kill them by Lord Harlan is gravely injured during the attack. The Payan force of one hundred and sixty warriors arrives as Greenhill Gap before the Trivantians and begins to position themselves. The fort was designed to eliminate the advantage of numbers, and the Payans believe that they are facing a force of only two hundred and fifty Trivantians. When the Trivantians arrive, it is clear that the Payan spies were wrong about the Trivantian numbers, and their force is three hundred and fifty soldiers strong. Haniwa tries to appeal to Wren by telling her that Queen Kane has been deposed but it is too late to avoid war as the Trivantian archers open fire.






  • Martin Roach as Captain Gosset
  • Nicholas Grimes as Maldeogo
  • Ron Kennell as Lord Torrance
  • Michael Reventar as Lord Diego
  • Fraser Aitcheson as Vasilot
  • Brandon McGibbon as Ferik
  • Nichole Stamp as Onica
  • Susanna Fournier as Ayura