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The Truth About Unicorns is the sixth episode of SEE’s second season. It aired on October 1, 2021.


Maghra, Lord Harlan, and Baba head to the peace summit. Haniwa warns them about Paris' vision. The queen and Kofun spend the day together.


Paris awakens, dreaming of blood and betrayal. She tells Haniwa that Maghra and Baba Voss must not travel to the meeting with Trivantes. Haniwa grabs a horse, to the dismay of Charlotte, to chase down her parents.

Meanwhile, Edo and Wren discuss the meeting between Paya and Trivantes, and Edo sends Wren as their representative. He instructs Wren that these talks must fail.

Maghra is travelling to the meeting place alongside Harlan, with Baba Voss walking behind. They arrive at the meeting place as greetings take place, and while this happens Haniwa arrives to warn her parents. Maghra decides the meeting must take place, and Baba invites Haniwa to stay and keep watch.

Kofun is training with Toad to improve his fighting skills and Toad decides Kofun is better when he cannot see. Later, Queen Kane meets with Kofun and together they go on a horse ride. Paris also meets with Kofun and warns him to be careful around the Queen.

At the meeting, the talks progress until Maghra reveals Queen Kane wants an apology from Trivantes. The Trivantian delegation disagree and when they reveal Harlan’s brother, Kerrigan, was killed for spying, Harlan attacks one of the Trivantians and the meeting is disbanded.

To get the deal done, Harlan decides he needs to arrange a private meeting with a member of the Trivantian delegation, Scopus. They agree on terms and at the meeting the next day will finalize the terms of the agreement. That night, Haniwa and Wren meet to discuss war and which side to fight for. The meeting the next day comes to an agreement, but this is under the condition from Trivantes that the Queen ensures the sighted are stopped.

Queen Kane and Kofun continue to meet and together they take a forbidden drug known as Thornflower. They take some together which causes Kofun to do something he had never done before.

At the meeting place of Paya and Trivantes, a night assault occurs with Trivantian delegates being killed. Baba Voss kills the assailants, and it is discovered they are Payans. Maghra and Harlan deduce the Queen wanted these talks to fail and sent the soldiers.






  • David Eisner as Ambassador Scopus


  • Martin Roach as Captain Gosset
  • Michelle Giroux as Commander Watts
  • Ron Kennell as Lord Torrance
  • Nina Kiri as Harmony
  • Bola Olunowale as Trivantian Soldier
  • Aimee Bessada as Payan Soldier