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The Witchfinder is the fourth episode of SEE’s second season. It aired on September 17, 2021.


Kofun and Toad arrive in Pennsa just as Maghra makes a life-changing decision. Baba, Paris, and Haniwa run into a trusted friend.


As Maghra prepares for her wedding to Lord Harlan in Pennsa, Baba Voss' group continues on their travels. Tamacti Jun, in conversation with Paris, admits that his soul is damned for all the lives he has taken in service to Queen Kane.

In Trivantes, Edo Voss oversees the memorial for the fallen soldiers killed in Baba Voss' escape. The Witchfinder Dax arrives in Trivantes, seeking Edo and offering information about that reveals Kofun and Haniwa to be the children of Payan royalty.

Kofun and Toad arrive in Pennsa ahead of Maghra's wedding, leading to a joyous if confusing reunion between the two. On the road to Pennsa, Baba Voss's injuries become worse as fever grips him. Paris takes them to Valier territory for shelter and a healer, although Tamacti Jun is forced to remain camped outside and hidden due to the suffering he inflicted on the Valier people.

Maghra marries Lord Harlan whil Kofun watches on; confused at what is happening, he retreats to be alone and finds himself face to face with Queen Kane who tries to create a bond with him.

In Trivantes, Edo takes his information to The Military, who is troubled by the developments but still does not think that the Payans are a threat to them and is more concerned about the Ganites on the easter border. While The Military will attempt to bring the Triangle around to the Payan threat, he authorises a diplomatic summit with the Payans.

With the Valier, Baba Voss and company find Bow Lion, now training to be a healer. She attends to Baba's wounds while Charlotte takes food to Tamacti Jun. Overwhelmed with the need for atonement, Tamacti Jun enters the village in an attempt to give them justice for their actions. Haniwa warns Baba of Tamacti's presence, and he stops Tamacti because he still needs him and his punishment must be to live with his actions.

Maghra enlists Lord Harlan's brother, Kerrigan, to cross into Trivantes and try to rescue to Haniwa. Kerrigan smuggles Ganite thornflower from Trivantes to Pennsa on a regular basis and knows ways in and out of the city. Kofun confronts his mother on why she lied to them all the years, while Tamacti Jun confides in Paris about his near-death experience and the deaths of his wife and children at the hands of Queen Kane.





Special Guest Star


  • Alex Breaux as Dax
  • Joe Flanigan as The Military


  • Luke Humphrey as Kerrigan
  • Nina Kiri as Harmony
  • Clint Rudderham as Andal
  • Breanna Dillon as Edo Commando
  • Alison J. Palmer as Mourning Mother
  • Xavier Schoppel as Valier Tribe Member