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The Trivantians are a tribal and somewhat civilized society bordering the Payans It is considered a threat by Payan because it cooperates with Jerlamarel to build an army to go to war with the Queen Kane.



Trivantian government supposedly republican in operation. It is led by the triangle, a triumvirate of individuals known as The Bank, The Military, and The People. These members are presumably economic military and sociopolitical leaders, respectively. There is also mention of a parliamentary body similar to Payan's.


The religion of Trivantes is unknown at the time,


Trivantian is mostly a warrior and slaver culture.


The Trivantian Army is led by Edo Voss as Commander-General. Being a warlike people the Army was much larger than that of Payan's and very well equipped. Recently an experimental program of using sighted children like Rockwell as guides to lead armies much faster than they could otherwise go due to superior navigation as well as spotters for archers and crossbow-people has begun being implemented.

Infrastructure and Technology

Ironically, unlike the Payans the Trivantians do have scientific specialists, despite the Payans actually possessing electrical sources.

Despite this, the Trivantians were originally at an Iron Age level of science and technology like the rest of the nations of the known world, with rare exceptions like the electricity of neighboring Payan's Kanzua's Dam, After taking over Jerlamarel's House of Enlightenment they gained access to one of the last bastions of modern knowledge and technology from before the collapse. They are making use of this resource by putting Jerlamarels's children, particularly Olomon as an engineer to work as scientists as well as bringing in their own research teams led by Tormada. In particular they wish to make use of the library and armory of pre-apocalypse weaponry. Oloman recently developed a chemical explosive, the concept of which seemed to be entirely new to the Trivantians, judging by the shocked and awestruck expression of Tormada when it exploded.