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Wren is a character introduced in the second season of Apple TV+'s SEE. A smart and ambitious lieutenant of the Trivantian army and close confidant of General Edo Voss. Wren is played by actress Eden Epstein.

General info

Lieutenant Wren is a Trivantian Army soldier serving under the command of Commander General Edo Voss. Following Edo's capture of his niece, Haniwa, Wren was put in charge of keeping her secure. Wren worried that smuggling a Sighted person into Trivantes was dangerous.[1]

While Wren guarded Haniwa, her prisoner realized the truth about her; that Wren herself was Sighted and could see despite her clearly not being a child of Jerlamarel. Haniwa tried to escape and the two fought. However, Haniwa could not bring herself to kill Wren when she had the upper hand.[1]